Where do my materials come from?

The materials I use for my custom made furniture come from all over the place.
The timber palings are delivered to me in trailer loads from people’s homes along the Northern Beaches. It may be free material but I spend hours & hours of my time getting it up to my workshop & preparing it so its in a usable condition. Those of you who have come to collect there items from my home would understand, my driveway is steep! And then to cart them around the garden, up a huge flight of stairs, through the yard & up to the far back corner where my workshop is. It’s a workout! Especially on my own with my lanky arms. I can only manage to carry 7 palings at a time & I can get up to 20 meter fences delivered to me.
Then the hard part comes, pulling each and every single palings from its bracing. That seems to involve even more strength, & a crow bar.. Without trying to split the timber in frustration I then de-nail each piece. About 4 nails each paling, sometimes more. Then in it goes, stacked on top of one another in the shed ready to be recycled.
The rest of the materials such as the hardwood timber or Oregon posts I use for legs on my coffee tables/bench seats come from the people’s homes also.
I’m lucky enough to have my partner who is a carpenter that brings me home amazing old beams, up to 100 years old! How cool is that.
But I’m not always Lucky, there are many times where I’ve had to go hunting for my timber & purchase from recycle yards.
So much history goes into each & every item I make or refurbish and it makes it all that more special.