With a love for up cycling and a belief in the ingenuity of making new things out of the old, Jodie Bellamy has created Tree to Sea Designs, a small furniture and decor business based on Northern Beaches of Sydney.

With an ethos of simplicity, sustainability and resourcefulness, Jodie uses her innate creativity to make custom and refurbished products out of timber palings that she sources locally and hauls back to her workshop where the real work begins.

“I’m passionate about what I do because it’s fun, rewarding and affordable. To wake up each morning and think “What am I going to create today?” or “What materials can I reuse to make something one of a kind or a conversation starter in somebody else’s home?”

A long held passion and itch to use her hands to make creative things for her family spurred Jodie to make her hobby into a business and a desire for design into learning how to work a belt-sander. With the encouragement of her partner Tommy, who is a carpenter, Jodie took her desire for design and borrowed his tools until she could purchase her own equipment and kickstart her business.

“I threw myself in the deep end and I started off by making a large coffee table. Tommy taught me step by step instructions on how to build it it. My pieces have always been unique from the beginning. I painted it in beautiful coastal colours and then cut out the centre and popped a horizontal flower garden in place,” explains Jodie.